Foundations and structure
✓Foundation by reinforced concrete footings and tie straps and beams in accordance with the geotechnical study carried out.
✓Sanitary slab with prefabricated reinforced concrete joists, with air chamber, and HA basement walls.
✓Structure using pillars and beams indifferent sections of reinforced concrete.
✓Waffle slab on the roof with lost 25 or 30 caisson and compression layer.
✓Strip footings and HA land retaining walls on the perimeter of plots.
✓Concrete floor with electro-welded mesh in exterior paving areas.

✓Inverted flat roof, finished with gravel. Thermal-acoustic insulation with rigid panel of extruded polystyrene and waterproofing with asphalt sheet.

Façade Closures and Interior Partitions
✓Perimeter wall delimiting the plot of reinforced concrete and simple torsion fence laminated in green with an artificial hedge of 1.50 m.
✓Exterior housing enclosure composed of a ½-foot brick wall externally coated with single-layer mortar, interior plastered with water-repellent mortar, air chamber and thermal-acoustic insulation, and interior partition with a plaster finish.
✓Interior partitions with 9 cm double hollow brick and finished with plaster and smooth matte plastic paint.
✓False ceiling throughout the house with laminated plasterboard finished with smooth matt plastic paint, accessible in the courtesy bathroom for installation and maintenance of the A/C machine.
✓Aluminum or PVC exterior carpentry, with thermal bridge break in frame and leaf, matte black, with different opening and actuation systems, low-emission double glazing +laminar security with air chamber filled with argon gas. The motorized blinds with aluminum slats in the same color as the carpentry.
✓External access doors to the plot, both pedestrian and road, in matte black metal slats.
✓Armored access door to the dwelling, with a steel structure and pre-frame, locking device and peephole, double security lock and anti-leverage hinges, with front decorative panel.
✓White lacquered MDF interior doors with chrome handles and knobs.
✓Built-in wardrobes with white lacquered DM sliding doors, lined inside. They have a chest of drawers, loft and bar.

Flooring and Tiling
✓Exterior stoneware flooring with 1stquality non-slip surface on the terrace/pool.
✓First quality stoneware flooring throughout the house, with various finishes to choose from.
✓Top quality stoneware tiling in vertical walls of bathrooms, with various finishes to choose from.

✓Indoor installation made with reticular polybutylene pipe.
✓Rainwater collection system with PVC pipes.
✓Vitrified porcelain sanitary ware, acrylic shower trays and mixer taps.
✓Sanitary hot water (DHW) through an aerothermal heat pump system.
✓Water points in the garden.
✓Drainage network on the perimeter of the building

✓Sectorised electrical installation, prepared for a high degree of electrification.
✓Simon, Niéssen or similar mechanisms and switches, smooth white finish.
✓Channeling of telecommunications, with TV points and telephone provision in all rooms, including outside porch area.
✓Interior and exterior light points according to regulations. Interior and exterior lighting with led lights.
✓Exterior perimeter lighting throughout the plot.
✓Automatic intercom at the access to the plot.
✓Provision for installation of photovoltaic solar panels